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The Most Personal Room in the Home: Bathroom Trends

The Most Personal Room in the Home: Bathroom Trends

Keeping up with trends can be an exhausting and somewhat infuriating activity. What’s in today is out tomorrow and so the cycle goes. When it comes to bathroom designs and putting together the style and décor for your bathroom, it’s important to do so in such a way that allows for simple changes to be made here and there over time; in order to keep your home from becoming outdated and without having to shell out a small fortune every second year. The idea is for timeless bathroom designs that can evolve as trends do.

As always, if not now more than ever before, bathrooms are one of the main focal points of a home. From the one aspect, guests that come and go from your home will use your bathroom and be able to form an impression of your style and taste from that room alone. It is also the one room in the house you personally are able to completely unwind, destress and have ‘me time’ – even if only for a few minutes each day! Whether you have one bathroom in your home or five, there is no reason each one can’t have a life of its own. A fresh and trendy life that is.


Gone are the days of white walls and dull bathroom design trends. Colour is back with a vengeance and it has brought along it’s friend, wallpaper! Affordable, simple and a wide variety of looks to choose from, wallpaper allows you to change the entire look and feel of your bathroom as easy as one two three. Popular patterns with wallpapers range from dramatic bold colours to natural, subtle textured looks. (Eg: Brick walls) See the Twin Coatings website for more ideas on bathroom designs and how to give your bathroom walls a makeover.


Stereotypically, bathroom designs stick to a plain colour palette with a pop of colour on the walls, but who says only walls are allowed to be colourful? Opt for a classic minimalist look when designing bathrooms with a pop of colour on your vanity, basins or any other piece that you would like to accentuate. This can make for a fun DIY project and an opportunity to really let your creative juices flow. Large oversized mirrors with a bright or vibrant trimming can play off of the colourful featured piece you have created. A great way to create depth and add keep the glamour factor. Colours on trend right now are grey, white, black and a feature colour, such as yellow, red or teal.

Eclectic Pieces

Mismatched bathroom designs never looked so good! 2017 is the year of chaos – planned chaos. Carefully thought out, structured chaos. Nothing is more stylish than a bathroom that has a whole variety of different pieces placed around the room, mismatching in style, colour and size, but somehow perfectly go together. Building your bathroom décor around eclectic pieces can actually be a terrifying trend to try and recreate. We are so programmed to pairing items together based on their similarities and cohesiveness that it takes real courage to step up, throw away the rule book and start having a bit of fun. Yes, I said it, bathroom design trends can be fun! If you’re not sure where to start and what pieces to use, brass and rose gold items are huge this year and give your bathroom a stylish finish. Wooden frames and vintage accessories can also play a big role in giving your bathroom designs the edge above the rest. For more ideas on eclectic pieces head on over to the Twin Coatings Facebook page.

Open Spaces

This idea of ‘open spaces’ is a trend that has continued to grow over the years where it has now accumulated to making your bathroom apart of your bedroom all together. No bathroom doors, no shower doors, just two rooms that flow onto one another effortlessly. In addition to a ‘no door’ policy, frameless showers assist in making a room appear larger. Generally speaking most people are also often confined to a small office space and are sitting at a desk all day. This idea of having a room in the house, specifically the most personal room in the house the bathroom, be able to transport you somewhere else when you pop in the shower or soak in the bath. Bathroom design trends encourage having ‘a room with a view’. Maybe you have a favourite area in your garden that is rather secluded, or perhaps an area of your house that looks out onto a mountain in the distance. Whatever the case may be, when designing bathrooms keep this trend of tranquility in mind.


Texture is everything in a bathroom. From wooden flooring; to marble counters, to stone walls, to a fluffy faux fur rug, the texture in your bathroom and with your bathroom décor is eye-catching and oh so very chic. Mosaic tiling is a huge texture trend right now and is a brilliant way to highlights an area of your bathroom that you want to give more notice to. Especially if you are someone who is nervous with incorporating a mosaic pattern into your bathroom designs, start off small by accentuating a single shower wall and learn from there as you go.

Most importantly, your bathroom designs need to be a reflection of who you are and your personality. Have fun with it and be sure to incorporate your own unique style with whatever bathroom décor you use. People will love it that much more because you love it too. Create a positive, refreshing environment in your bathroom by printing out one or two of your favourite quotes and framing it somewhere you will see every time you walk in into your bathroom. Simple gestures such as that give your bathroom designs an intimate, personal feel. It’s all about the small decorative finishes. For more exciting bathroom ideas and tips and tricks head over to the Twin Coatings website ( or their Facebook page (

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