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Our Interior & Exterior Painting Service

Premier Interior and Exterior Coating Experts in Cape Town.

With over 25 years of dedicated service, Twin Coatings stands at the forefront in applying superior interior and exterior painting. Our extensive portfolio has a diverse range of projects, spanning across residential and commercial properties.

Our accomplishments include transforming various spaces, such as private residences, apartments, office environments, and warehouses, into stunning showcases of craftsmanship.

Our comprehensive range of services encompasses:

  • Wall, Roof, Floor, ceiling, Window, and Door Painting

  • Specialised Fire-Proof Door Application

  • Rope Access Solutions for Elevated Structures

  • High-Pressure Cleaning

  • Cracks Repair

  • Refurbishment and Replacement of Rotting Wooden Doors, Shutters, and Fascia Boards

At Twin Coatings, we are not just painters; we are artists creating breathtaking living and working spaces. Trust us to bring life and protection to your structures. Contact us today to elevate your Cape Town property with our unrivaled coating expertise.

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