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Kitchen Designs Made Easy

Kitchen Designs Made Easy: 5 Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen.

We understand that your kitchen is the life of the home. Between cooking, baking, eating and organizing, things can get a bit hectic in there. But if the Kitchen is the life of the home, then you need to

let it live.

When you first moved in, your kitchen designs were trendy, creative and made you excited, and nowhere does it state that that initial feeling should ever go away.

But before you start stressing about lifting up floorboards and taking out a loan to re-design your kitchen, lets’ start with small, but necessary, changes you can make to turn your kitchen trendy.


One of the easiest and most underrated ways to upgrade your kitchen is to simply clean it out! Yip all those take-out menus stacked up in the corner next to school newsletters and extra paper napkins – toss them.

As much as you tell yourself you’ll need them someday, it’s more likely than not you never will. And something tells me your original kitchen décor plans did not include piles upon piles of clutter. For necessary odds and ends that you can’t bear to part with, or are actually practical items, take the time to file them or store in woven baskets that you can incorporate into your kitchen designs.

Maybe your clutter doesn’t consist of reams of paper and kitchen décor, but rather too much ‘stuff’ that you don’t use on a regular basis. Keep your counters clear by packing away that slow cooker or griller that gets used every fortnight. You will be pleasantly surprised the new image your kitchen can adopt through the process of eliminating things that don’t belong or aren’t used.

Bright and Bold Soft and Subtle

If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a thousand times. By now the word is definitely out. It doesn’t take an interior decorator to tell you that a pop of colour in your kitchen is the best way to take your kitchen designs and turn it trendy (Remember, what works for one room doesn’t necessarily work for another).

But forget the feature wall, or brightly painted kitchen cupboards, and go for the elegant, subtle approach by incorporating colour through your appliances, crockery and décor pieces. Kitchen trends for 2017 are all about pastel colours. So why not ditch your silver kettle and toaster and opt for a glamorous pale blue and pretty in pink appliances instead?

SMEG are really setting the tone with their cotton white fridges and button yellow blenders. Another brand to look to for inspiration is LE CREUSET.

Take one of your cupboards and give it a makeover by using a clear glass cupboard to put all of your colourful and quirky dishes in. This allows them to be on display and act as part of the kitchen décor, as well as working as a practical item. Go for classic looking kitchen designs, very greyscale and monochrome, and then have fun playing around with colour touches that can recreate your look.

Optimizing space

The importance of optimizing the space in your kitchen cannot be emphasized enough. In most cases it doesn’t make a difference how big or small your kitchen is, because you always land up needing more space.

Physical space, counter space or cupboard space. Either or, nothing is worse than feeling like you don’t have the space you need. Start off small in implementing these kitchen designs by replacing cupboard shelves that are not spaced correctly, or where you could fit in twice the amount of shelf space. Incorporate your kitchen with the rest of your home by knocking down any unnecessary walls (when you’re feeling brave enough to make the big changes).

This will create an amazing flow in and out of the kitchen and give you that extra space you so badly need. With the amount of time you spend in your kitchen, the last thing you want is to feel boxed in. An open kitchen is trendy and practical... ‘a win-win’ if you will.

Cupboard handles

One of the quickest ways to assess the ‘age’ of your kitchen is through 1) counter tops and 2) cupboard handles. Old school handles on your cupboards can definitely work for some kitchen designs, if that’s the look or trend you’re going for.

If not, it’s time to get out the screwdriver and change the cupboard handles. With so many different and stylish options to choose from, it’s not without worth mentioning. Or for a sleek and modern look, abandon the cupboard handles all together!

Re-designing your kitchen is about balance, so handless cupboards can be the perfect combination for a kitchen that has a lot going on in other areas. And vice versa. A kitchen that is very simple and minimalistic could go for large brass kitchen cupboard handles that make a statement and stand out.

‘Time’ to change

There’s one item in a kitchen that is always overlooked, yet ironically enough, always looked for. The kitchen clock is a center attraction and can lead the way for the direction that your kitchen décor wants to go.

Big, small, classic, trendy; whichever you feel best suits the look of your kitchen be sure to give some thought as how to best showcase your clock. This iconic kitchen necessity is a fun and super easy item to help upgrade your kitchen and keep on trend. Rose gold and brass are a huge trend for 2017, so try incorporating a classic contemporary, large round clock with brass finishes. Add elegance to your kitchen and be sure to make a statement using your clock.

When it comes to style and being ‘on trend’ with kitchen designs, always remember that it doesn’t have to cost money! So many people use insufficient funds as an excuse as to why their kitchen isn’t the way they want it to be. But all it takes is a bit of patience and the creativity to make small changes that will ultimately have a large impact.

For more innovative concepts, tips and tricks and kitchen trends for 2017, head on over to the Twin Coatings website. We love to hear from you as well so be sure to stop by our Facebook page and

Clear cabinets and share your kitchen make-over stories with us.

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